Look here for new products and services from Vanda Victoria and changes to product lines.

September 2017 –  Coming soon.  New 25mm Wavetrak Rod with Wave Pocket tape with the rod also capable of taking ‘S’ Fold gliders for ‘S’ Fold heading

March 2019 – Waverod 25 is shifted into the Boldtrak family and becomes Boldtrak 25, capable of taking both the Wavefold and S Fold headings as well as standard headings

The Davani Cable range has been deleted

Reinforcing Bracket Inserts (RBI’s) are now fitted to all Versatrak double brackets

June 2019 – A Bracket Information Booklet is now available featuring dimensions for all bracket types. Click on this link to download

July 2019 – a new order form is available for downloading

October 2019 – new brochure available for downloading

January 2020 – RBI’s will be added to all Versatrak single brackets with projections of 140mm and over, unless otherwise advised

January 2020 feedback from recent installations of Flushfit and Boldtrak 25 with S Fold headings indicates an issue involving the sliding of the carriers. Both Flushfit and Boldtrak 25 have a slightly smaller track opening compared with Boldtrak 32 & 35 and this, together with the S Fold carrier being flat & square, has in some instances caused the carriers to jam in the track. Wavefold carriers are smaller and round which allows for better gliding and a smaller (24%) stack back when compared with S Fold. We strongly recommend against using S Fold headings with either Boldtrak 25 or Flushfit recessed track.

Wavefold can be used on all three Boldtrak rods and S Fold can be used on Boldtrak 32 & Boldtrak 35.

July 2020 – PDF downloads are available for the Vanda Victoria brochure, Bracket Measurement booklet, Flushfit Builders Data Sheet and recent Newsletters. Click on PDF Downloads. Tape Guides are also available for Wavefold and SFold.

March 2022 – New price list effective 1 May 2022 will replace current Mar 2019 price list.