Clean and streamlined for the modern home

Vantage eyelet rod is designed to cover a wide span without sagging, making it ideal for eyelet, tab top or full ring curtains which can not go past the brackets.  Vantage has an internal extruded metal spine, providing strength without weight or bulkiness.

Maximum span between brackets of up to *2.2m so by using a centre bracket, eyelet, ring or tab top curtains can be used on windows up to *4.4m in width.   *(Depending on the fabric and drop)

Top mounted PVC insert strip ensures a smooth traverse and minimises scraping

Use with 40-45mm I.D. eyelets/grommets.

Specially designed 100mm projection brackets allow the curtains to concertina freely. Can also be used with 60mm or 140mm projection brackets.

By using interim secondary brackets, Vantage can be used in a double system with shears or block outs.

A wide range of colours available to match any d├ęcor

Vantage Eyelet Rod is only available in Standard and Premium Finishes.


A top strip of PVC lifts the eyelet off the metal surface and allows the eyelet to glide smoothly without scratching.