Vanda was originally established in NZ in 1998, when it was realised there was need for a decorative curtain rod which was versatile enough for today’s homes.

Shortly after, the Vanda range moved to Australia, with a dedicated Victorian operation established in 2001. Today Vanda products are available through all states of Australia.

Vanda Victoria supplies premier customised decorative curtain rods and accessories to the soft furnishings market throughout Victoria and Tasmania

The Vanda rods are made in tough stylish marine grade aluminium, with cast or forged metal accessories designed in NZ, and derived from inspirations around the world. Here in Melbourne the rods and accessories are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. Our range is unique to Vanda Victoria, reflecting local tastes and requirements.

The Vanda range is innovative and will enhance any home. Each order is customised in length, colour/finish, bracketing and finials, so each installation is exclusive – set your windows above the rest.

We have a genuine commitment to fulfilling orders in a timely and accurate manner. If we don’t understand your order, or think there may be an error, we will always query rather than potentially wasting your time and money by sending out an incorrect delivery.

Please call us and make an appointment to see our show room just off the Ring Road in Tullamarine. We supply the trade only, but we are happy to show home owners through our showroom – by appointment (Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM).

Call (trade only) PH: 9335 6355