Vanda Flushfit – conceived with architect and interior designers in mind.

The one piece track sits discreetly inside the ceiling lining and does not require bracketing

The track is 13mm deep so requires a ceiling lining 13mm thick (Gyprock), alternatively the timber joists will need to be routed to accommodate the depth.

Builders need to allow for a parallel gap of 18mm in the ceiling lining to accommodate the track width. The track has a 5mm flange either side of the glide channel for the cut edge of the ceiling lining to sit on, making for a superior finish.

Vanda Flushfit comes in Classic White finish in 6 metre lengths and can be butt joined for longer installations. Elbows of 90 & 135 degrees are available for corner and bay window installations

Vanda Flushfit is suitable for all heading types including Wavefold but is not suitable for S Fold headings

View the attached Flushfit Builders Data Sheet

View Vanda Flushfit with Wavefold Heading diagram

Wavefold Tape Guide – 80%

Wavefold Tape Guide – 100%


Vanda Flushfit 90 degree Elbow – butt joined against straight Flushfit sections
Vanda Flushfit 135 degree Elbow – butt joined against straight Flushfit sections