Top or face fix bracketing, providing versatility in installation

Brackets, with both revealed and concealed fixing, are available in many variations allowing applications in situations which would defy most conventional options. Double brackets allow creativity with block outs or sheers

Double brackets, allow the easy option of shears or blackouts

Double Brackets allow Boldtrak 32 to be used with other Boldtrak profiles or with Versatra 16 or Versatrak 25 for incorporating sheers or blockouts

Brackets are universal to the three Boldtrak decorative rod profiles

For extra heavy drapes and/or long drops, Boldtrak brackets can be fitted with Reinforcing Bracket Inserts (RBI’s)

Please note that the drops for Boldtrak 32 are the same for standard glides, S Fold & Wavefold headings

For bracket dimensions click on the Gold text under the image

Single Brackets

Boldtrak Double Brackets

Boldtrak Top Fix Bracket

Boldtrak 32 Top Fix Bracket

Boldtrak Concealed Base Plates

A Hanger Suspension bracket is also available for Boldtrak 32 rods

Return Wall Bracket

A simple method of returning the curtain back to the wall using an end hook