Wavefold Heading when used with Boldtrak 25, Boldtrak 32 or Boldtrak 35, is a simple but elegant curtain heading with gentle, continuous folds from beginning to the end of the rod

The ripple fold effect has become increasingly popular and Wavefold has been added to the range to complement the existing S-Fold

Whereas S Fold tape is 25mm wide and used with snaps, Wavefold tape is is 75mm wide and used with hooks.

The clear tape is 75mm wide with enough stiffness to provide a uniform shape

Pockets are discretely marked for use with either 80 or 100% fullness. Fullness may be adjusted by moving the hooks (for a smaller fold, hooks are spaced closer together, for a larger fold space the hooks further apart).

The pockets have been designed for easy insertion of hooks with the eyelet sitting 16mm below the track.

Negates the need for pressure to apply the tape as required with the S-Fold snap system

One part carrier and glider system available in black or white.

Wavefold pocket tape can be used with Boldtrak 25, Boldtrak 32 and Boldtrak 35.

Wavefold Tape Guide – 80% Fullness

Wavefold Tape Guide – 100% Fullness

Double Boldtrak 25 with double Wavefold heading

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