Bold, beautiful and practical

Manufactured from high grade extruded aluminium means top performance

Sturdy bottom fixed glides run internally for smooth operating

Available in all Vanda Standard and Premium colours for various decors

Hand traverse, avoid worrisome cording

Rods are available up to six metres, covers most window options.

Sourced from NZ, the Boldtrak range is then customised and finished here in Victoria

All Boldtrak profiles share the same bracketing so as to make easier ordering and fitting

All Boldtrak rods can be used with plain gliders, ‘S’ Fold heading or Wavefold heading

All Boldtrak rods can be used in a double rod system in conjunction with other Boldtrak profiles or rods from the Versatrak range.

Choose from Boldtrak 25 round, Boldtrak 32 square or Boldtrak 35 round 

Boldtrak 35 on display at the Bordeaux, Metricon Balwyn