Versatrak, Vantage and Boldtrak 25mm can be bent – curtains will still flow.

The following are the common fabrication options available for the Versatrak range of decorative rods:

The following information is required for bends and Mitres:

  • The back wall measurement
  • The angle of each corner (Using a compass will determine the degrees of the angle).
  • The bracket projection

We can then work all the rest out for you


Only Versatrak 25 has a 90° degree internal metal joiner

Boldtrak & Vantage Eyelet Rod
Butt the two mitred rods together and position the brackets as close as possible to the corner to hold the rods in place.


Versatrak 25 rod can be roll formed to suit a curved bay window provided the following measurements are given.
The length A – wall to wall opening measurement
The length B – distance to the wall at rod’s mid point

Minimum radius for a curved rod is 1 metre (diameter 2 metres)

If providing a template please ensure this is on cardboard or some other stiff material (e.g. blind fabric) A template on paper is not suitable.

Fabrication Summary

Straight Joins

Top or face fix bracketing, providing versatility in installation. Brackets, with both revealed and concealed fixing, are available in many variations allowing applications in situations which would defy most conventional options.

Double brackets allow creativity with block outs or sheers. Double brackets, allow the easy option of shears or blackouts. The 25mm round profile may be used in conjunction with Versatrak 16 & Versatrak 25, so double systems look professional and stylish.

Brackets are universal to Boldtrak 25, Boldtrak 32 and Boldtrak 35.

Note: For extra heavy drapes and/or long drops, Premo brackets can be fitted with Reinforcing Bracket Inserts (RBI’s).

We supply RBI’s for all projections above 140mm.

Where a rod requirements exceed 6 meters, an internal joiner allows the rods to be firmly butted together whilst still allowing the curtains to flow past the join. To enhance the smooth flow and to help conceal the join we recommend placing a bracket over the join. Available for both Versatrak 16 and Versatrak 25 rods

Due to the internal vertical extrusion inside the Vantage rod, internal joiners are not possible. Instead the double width 100mm projection plain bracket is used to straddle the join to ensure additional rigidity.

Again the Boldtrak extrusion does not allow for internal joiners.
The Boldtrak clamp is positioned between the two rods so that each clamp tightens one rod.