Hard-edged sophistication for cutting-edge applications, the square rod is designed with clean straight lines in mind.

Boldtrak 32, is 32mm stand-out square profile that can be used in a double rod system with other Boldtrak profiles or with Versatrak 16 and Versatrak 25 rods. It can be used with standard headings or S-Fold (Snap tape) & Wavefold (Hook Tape) headings thanks to its larger carrier channel. Two styles of end caps finish off the ends. Boldtrak 32 is available in all standard colours.

Maximum rod length is 6 metres. A joiner clamp has been developed, attaching to the rear of the rod to extend beyond this length.

Boldtrak 32mm with a Box Pleat Heading

Boldtrak 32mm with a Wavefold Heading


Boldtrak can be supplied Boldtrak glides for standard/pleated headings or you have the option S-Fold Carriers using 25mm snap or Wavefold Carriers with hooks & 75mm tape for a Wavefold heading. We offer both 80% and 100% fullness as options on both S-Fold and Wavefold.

Standard Glides

Standard Boldtrak glides available in black or white


Wavefold 1 piece carriers available in white or black


Standard Boldtrak glides available in black or white


Top or face fix bracketing, providing versatility in installation. Brackets, with both revealed and concealed fixing, are available in many variations allowing applications in situations which would defy most conventional options.

Double brackets allow creativity with block outs or sheers. Double brackets, allow the easy option of shears or blackouts. The 25mm round profile may be used in conjunction with Versatrak 16 & Versatrak 25, so double systems look professional and stylish.

Brackets are universal to Boldtrak 25, Boldtrak 32 and Boldtrak 35.

Note: For extra heavy drapes and/or long drops, Premo brackets can be fitted with Reinforcing Bracket Inserts (RBI’s).

We supply RBI’s for all projections above 140mm.

Standard bracket

60mm projection

SKU : BT60

RBI’s are fitted to all Versatrak longer projection brackets (145mm+). Combo brackets can be made to custom lengths up to a maximum of 200mm.



Available on all combo single and double brackets.
Using the Concealed Base Plates adds 10mm to the bracket projection and 5mm to the bracket height.


The 32mm square rod can be finished with a flush end cap or a plain square cap. These two options really stand out in a contrast finish –particularly the hand brushed satin.

End caps are available in all Vanda Standard Colours