Boldtrak 35 Finials

  • Finials may be attached directly to the rod, or lift the game with either a contrasting site disc or round band spacer.
  • Finials and spacers are available in all Vanda Standard and Premium colours.  For anything different, powder coating is available – see the Dulux powder coating chart.
  • Click on each image for dimensions

               *Those finials below marked with an asterix require either a site disc or spacer to finish the end



Site discs and round bands are used to both finish the end of the rod and/or provide an interesting colour contrast.   

Site disc (40mm x 4mm)

Round band (35mm x 6mm)

Flat cap with satin round band

Satin end cap

Podium finial

Plain ball finial with satin site disc

Mushroom finial with satin round band

Large ball with site disc*

Round cage finial with site disc*


The following finials are available on consignment


Disc* (shown with site disc)

Lotus (centre insert in contrasting Satin)

Cube (shown with a satin round band)

Magnolia Bud * (shown with site disc)


Spike* (shown with satin site disc)


Tulip* (shown with a round band)

Aged square with satin site disc*

Aged circle with satin site disc*

Contemporary frame with round band*

Contemporary sphere with satin round band*

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